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New Nuclear Microgrids: Pioneering the Future of Energy for Enhanced Resilience

“Explore the innovative realm of New Nuclear Microgrids in our latest post, where we delve into how these advanced systems, exemplified by the SurePower solution, can address the pressing challenges of modern energy infrastructure. From the blackouts in California and the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico to the unprecedented impact of Winter Storm Uri in Texas, we examine how New Nuclear Microgrids offer a resilient, reliable, and efficient solution for a sustainable energy future. Join us in uncovering how these groundbreaking systems are pioneering a new era in energy resilience.”


Podcast – Nuclear talk with Michael Schiltz on Thriller Bitcoin

I was honored to be asked to join Car Gonzalez on the Thriller Bitcoin podcast to discuss Generation IV Nuclear, or the new wave of nuclear power, focusing on Molten Salt Microreactors (MSMRs). I discuss with Car how these reactors will be beacons of hope, offering enhanced safety, efficiency, and adaptability. The conversation delves into Lionshield’s SurePower solution, which creatively combines MSMRs with a Bitcoin mining operation. A must-listen for anyone interested in the future of nuclear power and bitcoin mining.

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